Bringing Intelligence Back to the Walled Garden

As you go about your business to market and engage with consumers and customers alike, you’ll find the places they go to are concentrated within a handful of ecosystem partners. These partners include search engines like Google, retailers like Amazon and Walmart, social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook, and media platforms like Roku and Samsung. The good news is these are high quality, well-lit partners that offer world class platforms for engaging with your consumers and customers. They also typically want the same things you want, for you to engage more with your audience and reach new potential audiences.

The flip side of that is their strong market positions with consumers and customers means these platforms get to dictate what, how, when, and why you engage with those consumers and customers. More importantly, they have full control over the data on what’s working and what’s not in your efforts.

Changes are coming and feedback has reached these platforms, and to varying degrees they have heard you. They know you can’t open more budget and spend, without knowing in a neutral manner and method of your choosing, what’s working and what’s not. This includes audience segments, demographics, creative, and anything else between you and the consumer and customer. In an effort to close this gap, many of the larger platforms have created “clean rooms,” which they control and maintain, to give you access to some of this data. It’s on their platform, and you’re playing in their backyard, but you do get to play.

Brands must take advantage of this opportunity now. While it’s not perfect by any means, it is THE optimized solution in an imperfect situation. As log files and cookies continue to become harder, more difficult, or actually impossible to access and use, you must find another avenue to get at data you either don’t get today, or soon won’t be getting anymore. Unfortunately each clean room has its own standards, technologies, and requirements that are too difficult, if not impossible, to manage with a day job. Plus, you need to be able to write your own queries!

Solutions like Habu’s Full View Automation intend to solve this gap by providing brands with a one-stop solution for plugging into, joining, and querying data within these multiple clean room environments. No matter who’s clean room it is. We will abide by the rules and terms of the clean rooms, simply bridging the gap between you the user, and the platform’s clean room. The end result of our solution will create intelligence and insights digestible for the business user.